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Whole body Cryotherapy stimulates the physical properties of the body for self-healing and activates all the body’s natural defenses.


Local Cryotherapy is essentially the application of low temperatures at -150 ° C at a specific point of the body for healing and recovery purposes.


CryoFacial is a unique method of rejuvenating and anti-aging facial skin.

Cryosauna Icetube welcomes you

Meet the new revolutionary method to improve your health. Cryotherapy has been used for several years and the benefits to the human body have been known since antiquity with Hippocrates to use ice to heal many diseases.

Benefits in Health

Fighting inflammations, injuries, skin diseases, improving your circulatory and immune system, improving your sleep.

Benefits in Sports

Suppression of musculoskeletal pain, increased muscle strength, increase stamina, rapid recovery, succeed high level of training.

Benefits in Aesthetics and Beauty

Burning calories, activating metabolism, skin firming, anti-aging, strengthening hair and nails, anti-toxification of your body, fighting cellulite, increasing collagen production in your organism.


  1. The customer enters the cabin wearing his socks, underwear and woolen or cotton gloves.
  2. The operator lifts the base of the cabin by aligning the customer’s shoulders with the top of the cabin, leaving the neck and head out of the cabin.
  3. The cabin fills up with a frozen mixture of air and nitrogen vapor. At this stage, the customer has the ability to move slightly at will.
  4. The complete absence of moisture in the air mix that surrounds the customer makes the session much gentler compared to an ice bath.
  5. Each session lasts from 1 to 3 minutes, at the presence of the operator.
  6. The cabin door can also be opened from within by the client itself.
  7. At the end of each session, the floor of the cabin lowers and the customer exits the cabin.
Cryosauna and Benefits


Experience the beneficial properties of Cryotherapy in our state-of-the-art studios in Glyfada and Kolonaki



Increase your muscle strength, energy levels in your body and get quick recovery after intense workout.



The Cryotherapy method is proven to be ideal for fighting and suppressing inflammation in our body.


Beauty and aesthetics

At each session the body loses 500-800 calories. Enjoy fighting cellulite, increasing collagen production, skin firming and more.

Buy the right cryo-package for your needs and save money

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