Air Relax Compression Boots

The Air-Relax Recovery System is a sophisticated system that uses air through an advanced intelligent mechanism to exert compression and decompression at the ends and in the middle, achieving amazing results in:

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Lymphomas
  • Injuries due to exercise
  • Bad Circulatory
  • Vascular states
  • Quick Recovery

Most athletes, professionals or hobbyists need an effective recovery and recovery after intense workouts or demanding races. Recent clinical studies have shown that lymphatic therapy offers physiological changes that indicate muscle recovery. The Lymphatic System does not have a pump like the heart. Air – Relax aids the lymphatic system by providing a natural continuous compression to reduce lactic acid in the muscles and effectively reduce the muscle mass.

In this way, the Air – Relax Compression Recovery System helps us to have a quick recovery, rests our snug and tired limbs and helps us at the same time to level up in our workouts and races.



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