Cryosauna and how it helps to eliminate cellulite

The term “cellulite” refers to the deposition of fat and water between the skin and the underlying layer, accompanied by reduced elastic connective tissue and has the characteristic form of “orange peel” on the skin.

It is caused by poor local blood flow, which results in fat cells in that area not being well fed. So the body, instead of rebuilding and burning fat, sends it to the fat cells that have the most need to feed it. This abnormal fat accumulation causes these fat cells to grow in volume, thereby compressing the vessels, blocking substance exchanges, and aggravating the problem of microcirculation.

Whole-body cryotherapy is an epidermal process that strikes the first layer of skin, the very layer that cellulite appears and is deposited. After staying in the cold for three minutes at very low temperatures, the first layer of our skin is overwhelmed, and the blood that goes there is rich in endorphins and enzymes, with the direct effect of fighting local fat and cellulite. With the cryosauna our body detoxifies effectively and cellulite is noticeably reduced in all problematic areas.

Its most common points of view are:

Women appear more often in more body parts (buttocks, thighs, abdomen, knees, chest).

Men are observed more rarely, in older age, and in fewer parts of the body (abdomen, deltoid muscles, cervix).

Cryosauna is an effective weapon against cellulite, local thickness, skin relaxation and fluid retention. Very good results are also the local cryotherapy in the fight against cellulite with 20 minutes treatments in problematic areas