How can we lose 800 calories in just three minutes with Cryosauna and full-body Cryotherapy?

When we enter the cryosauna, we enter only with our underwear and with special gloves and booties given to us by the individual operator of the cryosauna machine. The cabin creates an icy atmosphere from -120C to -170C, but our body temperature remains at 36.6C. In order for this body to succeed, as long as we are in the cold, we consume from 500 to 800 calories and the reason is to keep our temperature at 36.6C.

At the same time, with the proper use of cryotherapy, we can achieve an increase in our metabolic rate and start burning more calories than before we make a cold. So we can control our weight successfully with the cryosauna , to get the desired weight easily and quickly and get rid of buns, cellulite, extra pounds and local thickness.

The reason the calories range from 500 to 800 is because it depends on the metabolism of each. Also, if we do training first and then get into the cold, the number of calories we lose in three minutes skyrockets.

So we can say that cryosauna is an appropriate, safe and healthy way to activate our metabolism and lose weight effectively.

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