How is cell regeneration related to the Cryotherapy method?

The regeneration of cells by cryotherapy is a sure and immediate result.

Modern “Whole-Body Cryotherapy”, or “Cryosauna”, is based on the Japanese method of Dr. Yamaguchi, who in 1978 began using short-term skin cooling treatments to alleviate the pain of his patients with arthritis. Dr. Yamaguchi discovered that this cooling process created a direct regeneration of the cells of the body and significantly reduced the pain of the patients in the movement of the joints as the sudden drop in temperature in the upper layer of the epidermis resulted in the immediate release of endorphins and consequently the reduction of susceptibility to pain stimulization.

More specifically, whole-body Cryotherapy is a process in which our bodies are applied at very low temperatures. The process takes place within a Cryosauna machine and takes just 3 minutes. During this time, and with temperatures ranging from -120 C˚ to -170 C˚, the nervous system is excited through our skin receptors and peripheral vasoconstriction is induced, meaning immediate regeneration and restructuring . This procedure has been shown to gradually cause analgesia, reduce inflammation, regenerate cells and regenerate tissues.

Cryosauna offers incredible benefits such as reducing pain and all kinds of inflammation as well as increasing mobility, strength, flexibility, and cure for many autoimmune diseases since the body’s regeneration takes place from the very first session.

Cryotherapy stimulates the physical properties of the body for self-healing, resulting in cell regeneration being achieved by the very first session. The very low temperatures have positive effects on 3 levels: the circulatory system, the nervous system and the meridians, making it an excellent holistic approach. Cryotherapy is considered safe and activates all the physical defenses of our body. Applying very low temperatures (up to -190 C˚) for a short time, we can “awaken” our body’s self-healing mechanisms: freezing the outer layer of the skin for 1 to 3 minutes, achieving an increase in our metabolic rate, strengthening our immune system, reducing stress and fatigue, with the immediate consequence of improving the quality of life.

The minimal stay of our body in the Cryosauna does not affect the temperature of our body, as the frozen air mixture created does not contain any moisture. Also, exposure to cold speeds up the production of endorphins, enzymes and dopamine, resulting in total body regeneration and feeling euphoric and well-being right after a Cryosauna session. At the same time, the physical recovery of our organism is faster. Also the regeneration of cells with our body’s presence in the cold accelerates the production of natural anti-inflammatory and collagen.

Moreover, in addition to full-body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy is also practiced, which is essentially the application of low temperatures at -150 ° C at a specific point in the body. This type of treatment is used to awaken and make use of the normal reaction of the body at low temperatures. And in Local Cryotherapy the regeneration of cells is evident from the first session.

The benefits of Cryotherapy in our body and health in general are multiple:

The body loses 500-1,500 calories per session, metabolism is activated, resulting in faster calorie burning, cellulite is fought, collagen production is increased, skin tone is tightened, cell regeneration slows down, aging slows down, strengthens hair and nails, skin patches and discolorations are treated, and all natural biological elements of the body are activated, that is, complete regeneration of the organism.