10 Sessions Cryolocal

10 Sessions Cryolocal


Ideally combined with CryoBody or Zero Gravity Massage for even more immediate and fast results.


Local Cryotherapy is essentially the application of low temperatures at -150 ° C at a specific point in the body. This type of treatment is used to awaken and make use of the physiological reaction of the body at low temperatures.

Using the special device with Cryosauna Icetube Centers, the liquid nitrogen vapor is used at temperatures up to -160 ° C. Local Cryotherapy is ideal for people who can not enter the cryosaunus cabin due to specific contra-indications, athletes who want fast recovery after races and intense workouts as well as people with chronic musculoskeletal problems and injuries who want to be released. Local Cryotherapy can be greatly combined with Cryosauna for even better and faster results.