KRIOSAN plus Local Cryotherapy Device

Rehabilitation and injury treatment is achieved either by applying low temperatures throughout the body (Whole-Body Cryotherapy) or locally at a selected point in the body (Local Cryotherapy). Local Cryotherapy is essentially the application of low temperatures at -150 ° C at a specific point in the body. This type of treatment is used to awaken and make use of the physiological reaction of the body at low temperatures. Kriosan is the epitome of technology with regards to Local Cryotherapy.
Kriosan is intended for the application of local cryotherapy by using the liquid nitrogen vapor at temperatures up to -160 ° C. It has been certified by PREDOM-OBR and URPL as medical equipment.
Kriosan’s applications are in:
• Rheumatology
• Neurology
• Dermatology
• Sports Medicine
• Orthopedic Medicine
Therapeutic properties of Local Cryotherapy are:
• Reduce the sensation of pain
• Local hyperaemia
• Increased hormone production
• Reducing edema
• Reduce muscle tension
• Faster recovery and muscle strengthening when combined with kinesiotherapy
• Reduce recovery and recovery time after muscle injuries and intense workouts
• Treatment of skin diseases and burns without inflammation and scars
The Kriosan is supplied with a full nitrogen liquid storage tank.
We provide our customers with technical training for the safe operation of the machine and the safe use and handling of liquid nitrogen. The training is confirmed by a certificate from the manufacturer KrioSystems Life.
Kriosan is equipped with an advanced technology control system and a color, easy-to-read TFT screen, with which the user can easily and safely handle the machine according to the patient and the treatment. The software contains a database with the most typical therapies, which makes it very easy and safe to use.

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