Mobile Cryochamber

The construction of the Mobile Cryochamber has been worked out based on the newest cryogenic solutions, and the applied safety systems have been designed the way as to make the operation of the device as simple as possible.

One of the main advantages of the Mobile Cryochamber is the fact, that it can be placed on every ground indicated by the investor. There is no need to prepare a room inside a building as it happens by the standard cryochambers. The Mobile Cryochamber enables performing of the WBCT in a direct vicinity of health resorts, and for sportsmen at the training site, in sport centers or on stadiums.

The Mobile Cryochamber can be supplied from an external power supply source or from the power generator installed inside the service room of the Mobile Cryochamber. The integrated liquid nitrogen container enables an the cryochamber works independently, however, it is possible to connect an external liquid nitrogen container.

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