10 Sessions Cryosauna

10 Sessions Cryosauna


Cryotherapy stimulates the physical properties of the body for self-healing.


Whole-body Cryotherapy is a process in which our bodies are applied at very low temperatures. The process takes place within a machine called Cryosauna and takes just 3 minutes. During this time, and with temperatures ranging from -120 C˚ to -170 C˚, the nervous system is excited through our skin receptors and peripheral vasoconstriction is induced. This procedure has been shown to gradually cause analgesia, reduce inflammation, and regenerate tissues.

The minimum stay of our body in the Cryosauna does not affect the temperature of our body, as the frozen air mixture created does not contain any moisture. Also, exposure to cold accelerates the production of endorphins, enzymes and dopamine, resulting in euphoria and well-being immediately after a Cryosauna session. At the same time, the physical restoration of our bodies is faster.