How does the use of the Cryosauna and full-body Cryotherapy before and after the jogging significantly help?

Running is a basic form of exercise synonymous with empowerment, rejuvenation and wellness. It runs as a sequence of strikes, alternating between the two legs. The stride of each leg can be roughly divided into three phases, support, movement, and restoration. Support and movement are made when the foot is in contact with the ground. Recovery occurs when the foot is in the air.

Regardless of the level of physical fitness or ability to run, everyone can increase their level of stamina. The good with resistance to speed (which wants years to improve) is that whoever works can see results in just a few weeks of training. Half hour running daily is extremely beneficial to our physical and mental health!

All knowledge about running and maximum performance can be included in the following paragraphs regardless of gender and age.

We always need adequate warm-up and rehabilitation for a proper and injured run. Muscles and organs have to adapt to the workload gradually, so it takes at least 10 minutes with stretching and flexibility exercises. Sometimes we have the feeling that just after 30-40 minutes we run 100% and the training works as we would like. It is equally important to gradually increase the intensity of training at the end. This part will help us considerably the use of cryosauna and whole-body cryotherapy before and after the run, having a dual role in both warming and muscle recovery through hyperaemia caused to the muscles. Before running, hyperaemia helps prevent injuries as the muscles are as if subjected to an extended warm-up schedule. After running, cryotherapy brings the blood that is rich in endorphins to our legs, resulting in the removal of lactic acid and muscle fracture together.

Improved running resistance is running. Regardless of the improvement in physical fitness we gain, for example, from swimming, cycling, skiing or climbing, in order to get better in the running, we have to run. For new runners, only a few minutes of running alternating with walking are enough. Gradually, the duration of normal run may increase. Breathing is a guide. There should be no exhaustion, the athlete being able to talk as it runs. We are gradually increasing the time until we reach the point of constantly running for 30 ‘. With just 15 to 20 minutes a day, our physical condition is noticeably improved and we understand it. We feel full of well-being. By incorporating cryotherapy and cryosauna into our workout, non-ascetic pain is reduced, so we can go from one workout to another more resilient, having the strength to push our body further into the jog and to increase our strength more quickly and easily.

Young men have an average fat percentage of 15-18%, young women 25-30%. Those and those with higher than the above values ​​should burn fat. Well-trained runners have values ​​below 10 and 20% respectively, world class runners much lower. Running